• We have developed and released Mindgrate, a mobile app which allows legal migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to better integrate themselves to the Cyprus society, assisting them to locate a job. Mindgrate addresses numerous barriers which hindered migrants during their integration to the country in the past.
  • We have modelled, visualized and understood how land use changes in Cyprus, considering the area between Nicosia and Larnaka as our pilot site, tracking changes between February and March 2020.
  • We have visualized the domestic electricity consumption all around the country of Cyprus, performing big data analysis, revealing useful information and guidelines for policy-makers.
  • We have published open-source code for agtech, allowing farmers and developers to use various popular path planning algorithms to find the best solution for a swarm of agents (drones and/or ground robots) to cover an agricultural field for a range of operations (e.g. pruning, spraying, monitoring, crop collection, etc.).
  • We have created a computer vision model, based on Deep Siamese Neural Networks, for detecting land use change from satellite imagery, using a weakly supervised learning technique, for accelerating the training process without significant effort in data annotation/labelling.
  • We have identified, listed and visualized 63 important key performance indicators used by 193 countries around the world to measure climate change. To define goals for cities and countries in regards to mitigating climatic change, we first need to understand which the important KPIs are, how they can be measured and which values they take. Then, each country can calculate its performance based on these KPIs, setting realistic goals for better performance in the near future.
  • We have trained a computer vision model to take advantage of the shadow map of a remotely sensed monocular image to calculate its heightmap with high precision, creating digital surface models without the need of expensive equipment and large costs.
  • CovTracer-EN, which constitutes the official national mobile phone application for COVID-19 contact tracing in Cyprus based on the GAEN API, developed by our group in a joint effort with other MRG groups at CYENS, has been recently launched around the country, counting 25,000 users after one month from official release.
  • We have trained 200 migrants to serve as "ambassadors" of the CovTracer-EN tool at their communities, via the EduCovTracer project, funded by the Youth Board of Cyprus. Through the project, the mobile app was translated to languages spoken by migrants of Cyprus (Arabic, French, Russian, Pakistani).
  • The NewScientist magazine has reviewed and published our work on escaping wildfires in real-time by means of mobile apps.