Project: Social and financial integration of migrants to Cyprus

Description: This mobile app aims to assist migrants to become better integrated to the Cypriot society, including their financial integration. The app is suitable for legal migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who currently live in Cyprus and may use the app for getting useful information about legal rights, news, language courses, how-to procedures, etc. (social integration) as well as to examine available vacancies, build their profile and CV and apply for those vacancies (financial integration). The project addresses various barriers that migrants face when they legally enter Cyprus (i.e. hard to reach the job market, migrants do not know how to create their CVs, how to apply for vacancies, many vacancies are in Greek, access to information is limited, info is static, migrants do not know their rights) but also barriers for employers who are willing to offer jobs and employment opportunities for migrants (i.e. employers are afraid to hire migrants for legal reasons, employers are overwhelmed with job applications). An important innovation of the Mindgrate mobile app is that it validates the legal status of its users so that employers feel safer about job applications coming to them through this app.

Collaboration with: Center of Social Innovation (Sotiris Themistokleous) ,MiHub NGO (Panayiotis Hadjicostis) , CARITAS NGO (Elizabeth Kassinis), CYENS MakerSpace (Marios Constantinides & Maria Loizou)

Techniques used: Mobile computing, Recommender systems

Started: November, 2020

Status: Finished

Mobile app: Available at Google Play

Communication material: Digital brochure, Print-out brochure

Funding: This project has received funding from the Youth Board of Cyprus.