Product: Gaea: Geoanalytical tool regarding the natural environment and the real estate market of Cyprus

Description: Gaea is a powerful interactive online tool, offering geo-analytical services on top of the SuPerWorld Geo-API v2.0, providing comprehensive and reliable information on the real estate market in Cyprus. Combining advanced earth observation technologies, artificial intelligence, and geospatial analysis techniques, Gaea provides a complete understanding of the impact of environmental risks and climatic change on properties located at the geographical area of the Republic of Cyprus.

Via Gaea, users can easily compare different locations and identify trends and patterns both locally and regionally, in regards to the physical environment and to the real estate market geospatial trends. Gaea incorporates land cover mapping and land use change over time, providing a wealth of information for informed decision-making. Gaea offers a range of services, including the detection of swimming pools, vegetation, and burnt areas nearby the property, as well as land use change, building quality, subsidence, landslides, wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, slope and aspect, geology, precipitation, elevation, land use, proximity to roads, sea, blue-flag beaches, amenities, electricity network, building area, and Natura 2000. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of a property's suitability and potential risks.

An example of how the Gaea tool looks like is shown below:

Whether you're a property developer, investor, or homeowner, GAEA provides reliable and detailed information to make informed decisions about the real estate market in Cyprus. With GAEA, you can rest assured that you have all the information you need to make smart choices

Techniques used: Satellite imagery, Computer vision, Deep learning, GIS and geospatial analysis

Output: An online interactive tool, branded as Gaea environmental digital twin online tool. [Link to the tool to be provided soon]

Asfa Jamil, Chirag Padubidri, Savvas Karatsiolis, Indrajit Kalita, Aytac Guley and Andreas Kamilaris, GAEA - A Country-Scale Geospatial Environmental Modelling Tool: Towards a Digital Twin for Real Estate, Proceedings of the 37th edition of Environmental Informatics (EnviroInfo 2023), Munich, Germany, October 2023.