Project: Internet of Things and Web of Things in robotics

Description: As the Internet of Things (IoT) penetrates different domains and application areas, it has recently entered also the world of robotics. Robotics constitutes a modern and fast-evolving technology, increasingly being used in industrial, commercial and domestic settings. IoT, together with the Web of Things (WoT) could provide many benefits to robotic systems. Some of the benefits of IoT in robotics have been discussed already in the past. This project moves one step further, studying the actual current use of IoT in robotics, through various real-world examples encountered through a bibliographic research. The project also examines the potential of WoT, together with robotic systems, investigating which concepts, characteristics, architectures, hardware, software and communication methods of IoT are used in existing robotic systems, which sensors and actions are incorporated in IoT-based robots, as well as in which application areas. Finally, the current application of WoT in robotics is examined and discussed.

Collaboration with: Nicolo Botteghi (Robotics and Mechatronics Group, University of Twente, Netherlands)

Techniques used: Bibliographic analysis, survey, Internet of Things, robotics/mechatronics..

Started: Jan. 2018

Status: Finished

Publications: Andreas Kamilaris and Nicolò Botteghi, The Penetration of Internet of Things in Robotics: Towards a Web of Robotic Things, In Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE), vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 491-512, January 2021.